Oral liquid for microbiologic control

Germicidal, virucidal, fungicidal.
High ability in inhibiting possible Gram positive and Gram negative pathogen bacteria, moulds,
yeasts and viruses. Improvement of the quality of the intestinal flora of the animals.
Preservative for skimmed milk active against mould, yeasts and other microorganisms (EU)
Effects: Complete hygiene (without bacteria, viruses nor moulds) of feed and facilities.
A complete sanitation of the digestive tract of the animals achieves to improve their health status. Increased production: Feed conversion rate and daily growth

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Oral solution

Germicidal antibiotic-free acidifier

Germicin exerts an acidifier, anti- bacterial, an anti-mould and anti-algae effect by lowering the pH of the water and a direct action on the microorganisms. Target species: Germicin is indicated in all species. Of special interest in poultry, rabbits and pigs

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